The City of Dublin is currently developing Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2.0, the next phase in a long history of successful climate action planning and implementation. CAP 2.0 will take Dublin into the future by addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change. The City is building off a strong foundation of environmental successes in the first CAP but needs your input to help prioritize actions for a healthy and more resilient future. Dublin can only reach its greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets if everyone plays a role!

This website is a portal to explore the CAP development process and to contribute to the development of the City’s CAP 2.0. Check out the calendar to see where we are now and when community engagement activities are scheduled. Review the uploaded documents and provide comments and suggestions. What does sustainability mean to you, and what concerns and aspirations do you have for your City? Let us know in the comment section below.

Our Sustainability Score: A-

In 2018, the City of Dublin achieved a sustainability score of A- from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), making the City a leader in environmental stewardship! This score indicates that Dublin has set ambitious but realistic climate goals and has made...

East Bay Community Energy

The City of Dublin has opted all of its municipal buildings up to Brilliant 100. Brilliant 100 is comprised of at least 40% renewable energy and an additional 60% carbon-free energy, meaning that the City will be relying on 100% carbon-free energy from now...

EV Charging

The City of Dublin has installed new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at two City facilities, Shannon Community Center (11600 Shannon Avenue) and Fallon Sports Park  (lower level, Central Parkway at Fallon Road).  These stations are in addition to the charging...

City of Dublin Partners with SunShares Renewable Energy Program

The SunShares program makes it easier and more affordable for Bay Area residents to go solar or purchase an electric vehicle. SunShares offers discounts, free workshops and helps renters learn more about their clean energy options. Plus, residents can still take...

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